Sew Fabric Eyes

Sew Fabric Eyes

: Adding Personality and Expression to ‍Craft Projects

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When it ⁤comes to crafts and DIY projects,‌ adding eyes to your creations ‌can bring them​ to⁣ life. ‌Whether you are making dolls, stuffed animals, or even fabric art pieces, sewing fabric⁣ eyes is a‌ fantastic way to add⁢ personality and⁤ expression. In this article,⁣ we will explore the art of sewing fabric eyes and guide ⁢you⁢ through the ​process.

1. Gather Your​ Materials

Before diving⁣ into​ sewing fabric eyes,‌ make ‌sure‌ you have the necessary materials ready. You will need:

  • Fabric pieces⁣ in desired eye colors
  • Embroidery floss or ‍thread in matching or contrasting colors
  • A sewing needle
  • A pair of scissors
  • A fabric marker​ or ‌pencil
  • Stuffing material (if applicable)

2. Choose an Eye Design

The beauty of sewing fabric eyes is that you ​have the freedom to choose ​the design that matches ‌your project’s vision. Decide whether you want your eyes to be round, oval, or a⁢ different shape altogether. You can also select⁣ the size ​and color that best suits the aesthetic of your ​creation.

3. Create a Template

Using a⁤ fabric marker or pencil, ‍create ⁢a template‌ by drawing the shape⁤ of the eyes on the fabric. You​ can either freehand it ‌or​ use a ​stencil for more precise shapes. Make sure the size is consistent ‌if ​you need multiple eyes.

Fabric eye⁤ template

4. Cut and Prepare the Eyes

Once the template is ready, carefully cut out the fabric⁣ eye shapes. Take your time to‍ ensure clean cuts and smooth edges.‍ If ⁢your ​project requires a three-dimensional effect, consider cutting two ​identical eye shapes ⁤for each eye.

5. Sew the Eyes

Thread​ your​ needle with embroidery floss or thread that matches ⁢or contrasts with the eye fabric. Start your sewing ⁤from the backside ⁢of the fabric to⁢ hide the knot. Use a blanket stitch or whip ‍stitch to sew around the eye shape. Make sure your stitches are evenly spaced and secure each stitch to prevent⁣ unraveling. If you are making three-dimensional ⁣eyes, stuff them with filling material before closing them up entirely.

6.‍ Attach the Eyes

Now that ⁢your fabric ⁤eyes‌ are ready, it’s time to attach them to your project.​ Use the same ⁢thread or ‌floss to sew the eyes onto the desired spot, ⁤ensuring ‌they are‌ evenly spaced and symmetrical. ​You can add ​eyelashes or ‍eyebrows using additional stitches or ⁢embroidery techniques to give your creation‌ even more ​character.

Sewing fabric eyes on a ‌doll

7. ‌Finishing Touches

Once the eyes are securely attached, examine‍ your ⁣project to⁣ ensure everything looks as desired. If‌ needed, ⁢trim⁣ any excess threads and ​give your creation a final inspection. Marvel ⁢at⁣ how ​these fabric eyes have ⁢transformed your⁢ craft into⁣ a charming and expressive masterpiece!


By sewing fabric⁤ eyes, you unlock a world of possibilities in your crafting‍ endeavors. From dolls to creature ‍plushies and beyond, these eyes add a sprinkle of magic ​and lively character. So, gather your materials, pick ‌your eye design, and ‌let your imagination soar ⁢as ​you sew your way to captivating ⁣creations!

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  1. Looks fun!
    Denise Fulton: I’m sewing some already!

    What a great way to add some personality to your fabric projects! Sewing fabric eyes adds a unique touch, and with each eye you create looking different, you’ll have totally unique projects every time. It’s sure to be a fun and creative experience!

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