How To Sew Lame Fabric

How To Sew Lame Fabric


‌ Lame ⁢ fabric is ⁢a stunning, shiny, and metallic ​textile⁤ that ‌adds ‍glamour and elegance to any project.⁢ Although it may appear intimidating to ⁤sew, with proper techniques and ​a ​bit of practice, you⁢ can ‍easily⁢ master sewing with lame ‌fabric.⁢ In this article, we will guide you through the process of sewing ⁤this glamorous fabric⁣ successfully.

Materials You’ll ⁣Need

  • Lame fabric
  • Sharp fabric⁢ scissors
  • Pins
  • Thread (preferably matching the⁣ fabric color)
  • Pencil or⁤ fabric marker
  • A‍ sewing machine (optional) or a ⁣needle for hand⁤ sewing


⁤ Before you begin sewing your lame fabric, it’s crucial to prepare it properly to prevent any damage or‍ fraying. First, be sure to wash and dry your fabric according to the manufacturer’s instructions. ​Then, iron it on a low heat setting to remove any wrinkles gently. Carefully fold and pin your fabric together​ if needed, ensuring the right⁣ sides are facing each other.

Sewing Techniques

​ The key to successful sewing with lame ⁣fabric lies in using the proper⁣ techniques.⁣ Keep these tips in mind:

1. ⁢Choosing the Right Needle and Thread

‌ ⁤ Select⁢ a fine needle, preferably​ a microtex or sharp needle,⁣ to prevent any snagging or damaging of the fabric. Pair ⁤it ⁣with a polyester⁢ thread that matches the​ color of your lame fabric.

2. Pinning and Cutting

Use sharp fabric scissors to ensure clean and precise cuts along​ the fabric. Pin the pattern on your fabric, ‌securing it in place without distorting‌ the ​metallic threads. Trace the‌ pattern using a pencil or fabric marker. Remove the pins and carefully cut along the ⁤traced‍ lines.

3. Stitching ​Techniques

When sewing lame⁣ fabric, use a longer stitch ​length than usual and avoid backstitching at the⁤ beginning and end of ⁢your seams. The metallic threads can​ cause the fabric to pucker if the ​stitches are too tight ​or compact.⁢ Instead, tie off the threads manually by hand ​or sew past the seam’s endpoint, leaving‍ long thread tails, and⁣ securing them with a knot.

4. Pressing with ‌Caution

‌ ​Press your seams cautiously​ with a warm iron, using a pressing cloth to ‌prevent any heat damage to⁣ the metallic threads.⁤ Avoid excessive ‌ironing, as ​it may flatten⁢ the⁣ lustrous effect of the fabric.


Sewing with lame fabric can be ​a fulfilling and exciting‌ experience. By following the appropriate ⁤techniques and⁢ taking your time, you’ll achieve remarkable results. Remember ⁤to practice your sewing skills on‍ small scraps of​ lame fabric to gain confidence before‍ starting ​more prominent projects. Now, let your creativity shine and create magnificent garments or home décor items with this stunning fabric!

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